waxing lashes & tinting

Aveda waxing treatments ensure that the skin is properly cared for both before and after hair removal. 

facial waxing
Brows  $20                             
Lip  $15
Chin  $15
Cheek  $20
Ears  $15
Side Burns $15
Nose $12

Body Waxing
Arms  $50
Legs $75
Chest  $25
Abdomen  $25
Back  $50
Bikini $45
Brazilian $85
lash extensions
Lash Extensions  Classic - Full Set $140                                        
Lash Extensions Classic - Fill $75*                                                  
Lash Extensions Volume - Full Set $160                                     
Lash Extensions Volume - Fill $85*

*Lash Extension fills must be done every 2-3 weeks to recieve the fill pricing -
  if 50% or more of lashes have been lost a full set will be required.

lash and brow treatments 
Lash Lift $65
Lash Tinting $20
Brow Tinting $15

facials & skin treatments 

Differences between facial service times? Including your customized facial, peel, or resurfacing treatment. 
30 minute facial: steam, cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, masque, hand massage, tone, & moisturize.

60 minute facial: sensory journey, steam, cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, customized treatment, 2 masques, hand, neck & scalp massage, tone, & moisturize. 

90 minute facial:  sensory journey, steam, cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, customized treatment,  3 masques, neck, scalp, shoulder, hand & foot massage, tone, and moisturize. 

TulasAra Facial Treatments
Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive, and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with a customized Tulasara Facial. 
After a thorough consultation your esthetician will provide the best combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas, and techniques and design a customized treatment that will move your skin towards balance and reveal it's natural beauty

30 minute  $45
series of 3 treatments $110
60 minute  $80
series of 3 treatments  $205
90 minute  $120
series of 3 treatments  $315

60 minute Tulasara Back Facial  $90
series of 3 treatments  $220
Dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, mild acne scarring, and large pores with our most intense exfoliating treatment. Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure which deeply exfoliates the outer layer of your skin to provide you with a visibly smoother appearance after just one treatment.

30 minute $60
series of 3 treatments $135
60 minute $100
series of 3 treatments $250
90 minutes $140
series of 3 treatments $370
high frequency tulasara Facial

We've combined our Aveda Tulasara Facial with the benefits of High Frequency Technology for maximum results in anti-aging & anti-bacterial acne treatments. Tesla High Frequency machines use either Neon or Argon gases depending on the desired effect. It works by creating micro-currents to treat and oxygenate the skin. 

Neon Electrodes are an effective treatment of aging skin since they warm the tissues under the skin, promote blood circulation, encourage cellular turnover,  and improve product penetration. Ideal for tightening the skin, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores. 

Argon Electrodes are an effective anti-bacterial treatment - using a low level ultra violet light plus micro-currents to treat acne, inflamation, congested pores, skin lesions, slight scarring.


30 minute  $65

series of 3 treatments $150

60 minute  $100

series of 3 treatments $250

15 Min add-on treatments
Energizing Eye Treatment  $20
this eye treatment helps reduce the appearance of under-eye circles and puffiness
Restorative Eye Treatment  $20
this eye treatment features the Tulasara eye cream and Aveda Marma Eye Massage to renew and firm the look of skin around the eyes
Express Back Facial $25
cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, moisturize. 
Perfecting Plant Peel
Advancing the science of chemcial peels, this professional facial treatment helps retexturize skin; smooth fine, dry lines; refine the look of pores; and restore radiance. Benefits of a 30% glycolic peel procedure with less of the associated redness and irritation. Can be done on its own as a full facial or added on to any other facial service.

30 minute  $55
series of  3 treatments  $120
60 minute  $90
series of 3 treatments $220
90 minute  $130
series of 3 treatments $340

60 minute Back Peel Facial  $110
series of 3   $280
This  intensive treatment combines  our plant peel and microdermabrasion techniques for faster and more dramatic results. Treats deeper lines, wrinkles, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Starts off with our microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate your skin & clean out your pores with mild suction;  followed by our plant peel to go even deeper and erode away wrinkles and scarring.

60 minute  $140
series of 3 treatments $370
90 minute $190
series of 3 treatments $520

Plasma Fibroblasting 

Plasma Fibroblasting cannot be booked online. A complimentary Skin Analyis must be scheduled to go over desired results as well as making sure you're a prime candidate for this procedure. 

Fibroblasting delivers tiny arcs of plasma created by an electrical discharge to the skin, singeing the surface and tightening the underlying tissue. There is a 10 day recovering time with this procedure - in which you should limit sun exposure and applying makeup. SPF and Moisturizing are very important in aftercare of Fibroblasting. This procedure is ideal for correcting and improving issues such as:

Eyelid Tightening, including lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin.

Jowls and neck tightening.

Removal of all kinds of wrinkles:  forehead wrinkles, upper lip wrinkles, reducing smile lines, marionette lines, crow’s feet.

Improving acne scars.

Hyperpigmentation/sun damage.

Facial Skin Tightening  & Hyperpigmentaion $350 per hour

Skin Tag Removal  & Mole Lightening $60 per area


*If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

*Metal plates, pins or other implants

*Diabetes or Healing Disorders

*Pacemaker or any other medical device with an electrical current

*Cardio-vascular deficiencies including severe uncontrolled blood pressure

*Current or recent hemorrhage

*Malignancy and chemotherapy in the past 3 years.

*If you are prone to keloid scars

*If you suffer from auto-immune disease or other illnesses which affect the immune system